Rates Overview

The following are descriptions for a few types of jobs that you may hire me for. It is by no means a complete list.

Please feel free to inquire about other types of projects that you may have in mind. Photography is included in each. I am not biased toward body type or gender.


Full bodypainting for live event

Adding a live body painting demo to your live event will undoubtedly add a new demension to the atmosphere! These paintings can take anywhere between 4-6 hours to complete. Depending on your event, I can find a model, or leave that up to you. $600 plus travel expenses

Character makeup for film


Fantasy Characters are my favorite subject, and it is always a great addition to any imaginative work. For this type of makeup, I will come to you and make a lifecast of the actor who will be wearing the makeup. I will then go back to my lab and make all of the appliances needed for the piece. On shoot day, I will apply all makeup and standby for any touchups necessary during the shoot. $2-4K plus travel expenses

pop painting print.jpg

Portrait Photography

Bringing a person’s entire personality into a painting makes for a really wonderful experience and a one of a kind portrait. These pieces can be themed or abstract and can be just waist up or full front of body. Photographs can be taken in studio lighting or outside if weather permits. $250- 500.